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VARTA Blue Dynamic

The Blue Dynamic series battery can be used for new or nearly new cars with a standard level
of electrical

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VARTA Silver

The Silver Dynamic series of batteries is useful for automobiles with a high number
of electrical

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VARTA Leisure

Caravans and marine equipment take a different toll on electrical systems than the more casual everyday vehicle
use cases.

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VARTA Expands
"The demand for start-stop batteries will increase significantly in the next years." More
New Johnson Controls plant
"Johnson Controls unveiled a new polypropylene plastic plant in Česká Lípa." More

Professional Line

VARTA Start/Stop
The Start-Stop battery is with one of the newest engine technologies. More
VARTA Start/Stop AGM
Vehicles with automatic Start-Stop technology require specific Start-Stop batteries. More


Blue EFB
New arrivals from VARTA
Introducing a superior battery to power high-performance applications with the help of its enhanced EFB technology. The Blue Dynamic EFB is suited for highly equipped cars and for vehicles with conventional Start-Stop functionality that start the engine multiple times in a single journey. More

VARTA introduced new range of AGM and EFB batteries


The newly-added Varta Blue Dynamic EFB and Varta Silver Dynamic AGM batteries are presented as “the ideal solution for highly equipped cars with maximum energy demands” and also a “perfect-fit solution for vehicles with Start-Stop technology.” Both batteries come with a longer cycle life performance. Johnson Controls says AGM and EFB have gone through a remarkably clean manufacturing process, with 20 per cent less energy consumption and 20 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions.

“Nowadays, consumers increasingly ask for eco-friendly and high-quality products made in Europe,” says Florence Bailleul, the company’s vice-president and general manager aftermarket for the EMEA region. “Johnson Controls recognised the changing expectations of car drivers and includes advanced technologies in one portfolio to offer eco-friendly produced batteries with an extended cycle life.”

Why you can trust Varta batteries

Over the last century, vehicle technology has evolved enormously and VARTA has been at the forefront of developing both world-class battery technology and innovative services. As a result, Varta has built an unparalleled reputation and earned the trust of Original Equipment (OEM) and Aftermarket customers around the world.

Varta products are designed to deliver superior power and reliability, less corrosion and greater efficiency for a longer battery life, all resulting in lower cost of ownership.

Solutions That You Need!

Varta is a battery manufacturer based in Berlin, Germany. One of its chief markets is in the global automotive sector. The company was created in 1904 as a subsidiary of Accumulatorfabrik Aktiengesellschaft (AFA). A 1990s sales slogan was "You're smarter to fit a Varta". The automotive battery unit of Varta was sold to Johnson Controls in 2002.

Varta currently offers batteries in its Stop-Start and Dynamic series. The batteries in each of the series are tailored to specific electrical needs of specific vehicles. The vehicles in question can be the latest technology laden models or late models.

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